• Arcanum Global, Cyber Solutions
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    Integrated Cyber Solutions

    The cyber domain encompasses a wide range of discrete and interconnected mission sets, functional areas and requisite supporting skills. The Arcanum Global team affords its governmental and commercial clients depth of expertise across the entire domain, along with seamlessly integrated solutions that cut across multiple missions and functions. We examine, assess and integrate the technical, physical, logical, policy and human elements of cyber operations into a cohesive and integrated whole.

    Our experience and expertise at the nexus of the cyber domain and counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, and technological innovation endow us with especially powerful perspectives, insights and capabilities. Moreover, our position as a truly global company, with offices and resources around the world, affords us the unique flexibility to tailor innovative tools and methods into extremely powerful solutions. Many companies will offer to help defend your networks and information. Arcanum delivers end-to-end integrated cyber solutions, and equips its clients will a full suite of options for operating in the cyber domain. Taken together, Arcanum’s capabilities, know-how and global reach give our clients the winning edge.

  • Arcanum Global, Intelligence Solutions
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    Intelligence Analysis and Solutions

    Arcanum provides its clients with mission-focused solutions — comprising services, networks, tools and technologies that gather, analyze, exploit and share valuable intelligence — that drive business success in a fluid and fast-paced international environment. We provide expertise across the spectrum of intelligence — including collection, analysis and fusion, cyber security and cyber operations, special communications support, and a broad range of enabling capabilities — delivered by a network of very experienced, highly trained, intellectually agile and discreet specialists worldwide.

    The Intelligence Analysis and Solutions team is particularly active in providing services that support intelligence, security, military and law enforcement arms of sovereign governments. Arcanum also provides solutions to select allied governments and corporate clients in the areas of intelligence, counter-terrorism, policy advisory support, cultural intelligence and insight, anti-money laundering compliance, fraud detection, financial crimes and more.

  • Arcanum Global, Special Operations Irregular Warfare
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    Special Operations and Irregular Warfare

    Arcanum Global’s worldwide team of specialists provide full-spectrum support to every aspect of special operations and irregular warfare mission requirements. Our professionals are drawn from the ranks of highly experienced special operations forces, intelligence services, cultural experts, communications specialists, special equipment experts and mission-enabling specialists from around the world. We offer expertise across all facets of the special operations mission set, including but not limited to counterterrorism, direct action, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance and unconventional warfare.

    Arcanum also delivers full-spectrum support to irregular warfare activities, including (among others) building partner capacity, executing stability operations, and integrating counterterrorism and unconventional warfare actions in support of joint and combined mission objectives. Many of these same skill sets can be employed in support of commercial clients operating in remote or potentially unstable/unsafe environments, to provide comprehensive planning, operational, security, and emergency response assistance.

  • Arcanum Global, Training Solutions
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    Custom Training Solutions

    Our custom training solutions, methodologies — and our trainers — have been tested in combat and in everyday practical application, and have proven their worth to military, law enforcement, first-responder personnel and to military and civilian policymakers in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Our holistic, integrated approach identifies the critical performance objectives for each client’s requirements, and then designs, develops and delivers instructional techniques, curricula, and appropriate physical or technology-based tools to facilitate learning and achieve the desired outcomes. That instruction, based on our professionals’ decades of thought leadership and operational experience, is tailored and adapted to each group of students.

    The Arcanum team’s disciplined and systematic approach to satisfying each client’s unique training requirements assures success. No two clients’ training requirements are exactly alike, and therefore we don’t offer “pre-packaged” solutions. Contact us to arrange for a completely confidential, in-depth discussion of your specific operational goals and associated training requirements in any of our offices worldwide.

  • Arcanum Global, Program Performance Management Acquisition Support
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    Program Performance Management Acquisition Support

    In our highly interconnected world, and in the face of current economic realities, governments and corporations alike increasingly are obliged to “think smarter, not richer.” When government agencies or corporate officials seek to procure goods and services in the global marketplace, how can they be confident of achieving the best value? How can they be confident that the results were achieved with the greatest possible efficiency, and that they are assessing the proper factors? How can they be confident that their clients are hearing the same message that they are attempting to send?

    Arcanum Global’s Program Performance Management Acquisition Support can help. We deliver subject matter expertise across the domains of program management, program analysis, performance measurement and management, and acquisition support. We can even embed experienced professionals and subject matter experts within your enterprise to help your programs achieve greater success, greater efficiency, and greater overall impact, while turning your enterprise into a true continuous learning organization.

  • Arcanum Global, Homeland Defense Internal Security
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    Homeland Defense and Internal Security

    Arcanum helps its clients defeat terrorist and internal security threats while preserving popular rights and freedoms. At the same time, we assist client governments in building a brighter national future, delivering greater prosperity and a better quality of life.

    We employ a tailored but holistic approach to homeland defense and internal security, synthesizing an array of tools, techniques, resources and insight into solutions designed specifically for each client’s operational environment, geopolitical situation, economic and financial resources, current capabilities, and social and cultural traditions. This 360-degree approach, undertaken directly in partnership with client government leaders and operational personnel, ensures an optimal strategy and implementation for each client while respecting and preserving the client country’s traditions and popular norms.

  • Arcanum Global, Critical Infrastructure Protection
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    Critical Infrastructure Protection

    The Arcanum team is expert at developing and implementing critical infrastructure protection across this entire spectrum of action. We adopt a holistic, system-of-systems approach to ensuring the reliability, security and resilience of critical infrastructures. We help commercial clients (who own most critical infrastructures) to anticipate, defend against, and recover quickly from attacks on their physical and cyber infrastructures while maximizing profitability.

    In similar fashion, we support governmental clients by integrating planning, protective and response measures across multiple infrastructures, thereby enhancing their national and economic security while protecting the welfare of their citizens. We also assist governmental clients with development and implementation of a full range of active measures to prevent, defeat, and respond swiftly to deliberate attacks on their country’s physical and cyber infrastructures. Arcanum has partnered with a select number of highly reliable and experienced international security firms with superior ability to protect critical physical assets, nodes and people and provide quick-reaction capability in response to an attack.

Arcanum Global, Integrated Solutions

Since 2006, Arcanum has provided governmental and commercial clients in the US and allied nations worldwide with bespoke intelligence collection and analysis, risk assessment, decision support, strategic communications expertise and professional advisory support services.

Integrated Solutions

Military, Security, and Intelligence Domains

By leveraging its worldwide presence (with offices in Washington, New York, London, Zurich, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong, among others, and a vast international network of subject matter experts), deep regional expertise and insight and sharp business and financial acumen, Arcanum Global has become one of the world’s most trusted and respected integrated solutions partners for government leaders and agencies, and of leading corporations, around the world.