The Intelligence behind high-stakes decisions

At the highest level of decision-making, trusted counsel and accurate intelligence make the crucial difference between success and failure in the global marketplace.

Whether the aim is to trace and recover assets, identify fraud or simply understand the political issues and risks of competing in a new market, Arcanum provides clients with the operational and actionable intelligence necessary to devise strategies and long-term capabilities that turn risk into reward.

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Featured Case Studies

  • Aerospace & Defense

    Aerospace & Defense

    Two major U.S. defense contractors, both Fortune 100 companies, were preparing to close on a multimillion-dollar joint venture with a company in the Middle East. Arcanum performed an enhanced due diligence investigation of the Middle Eastern entity. Using its well-placed human intelligence sources on the ground, Arcanum uncovered the complete ownership structure of the company, including all shareholders, the financial status of the company, and the connections between the company’s executives and key political figures. This information allowed the client to move forward with the joint venture while complying with all relevant U.S. regulations, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

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  • Multinational Corporations

    Multinational Corporations

    Arcanum provides customized and specific strategic and competitive intelligence, analysis and expert advice on a daily basis to major oil companies, global financial institutions, governments, defense contractors and Global 100 companies.

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  • Financial Services

    Financial Institutions

    The trustee for the Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA) liquidation of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC retained Arcanum to provide intelligence-led investigations, asset tracing services and strategic services for the recovery of Bernard Madoff’s assets.

    In addition to tracking the assets of several of Madoff’s partners in multiple jurisdictions, Arcanum was tasked with the responsibility of conducting a Global Horizon Scan to track Madoff’s assets.

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